Frequently Asked Questions

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1What is the Name of the Association? Is it registered?
UVCE Graduates Association. Yes, it is registered. Registration No is - DRB2/SOR/18/2019-20
2Who all can become members?
All the Graduates of University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (either UG or PG or PhD) shall be eligible for the primary membership of the Association
3What is the Mission of the Association?
To reach and engage UVCE Graduates, faculty and students; to provide goodwill and support to achieve the institution’s goals and spread the spirit of unity and loyalty among UVCE community.
4Why this New Association now?
Various alumni groups were successful in conducting various initiatives like Scholarships, Centenary events, bringing alumni together and more. In light of this, to provide a platform to everyone interested to work for the development of the institution and give back to their alma-mater, this Association was created.
5What do you mean when you say "Giving Back"?
“Giving Back” does not only mean in the financial terms. You can join hands to build the alumni community. You can also join to give lectures / workshops to both alumni and students. You can come up with new initiatives of your own which will benefit our alma-mater and in turn the Association as well. If you have prior experience in community building efforts, you can share your thoughts and ideas to make the Association more effective.
6How can I help in driving the membership for the Association?
Spread the word and get more memberships from your batchmates, friends, colleagues who are alumni of UVCE. You can become a “Batch Co-Ordinator” and keep your batchmates updated about all the happenings. Many alumni would wnat to know what activities are happening before becoming a member. You can update them about all the initiatives.
7Can you share few initiatives or already existing works that can help in convincing more people?
  • "Sampada"- a monthly e-magazine is being sent to all the registered alumni from past 9 years without missing a single month. It covers historical information, memories, photographs, current campus updates, interivews of alumni etc - giving a wholistic picture of UVCE. Check out all the editions so far here
  • "UVCE Payana" - Centenary Celebration Event organzied at Ambedkar Bhavan by few of the alumni. You can view all the videos and details of the event here
  • "Student Scholarships" - Various alumni groups are giving away Scholarships worth of more than 30 Lakhs every year to the UVCE students
  • "Alumni Registry" - An effort to collate the information of alumni from various batches and create an alumni registry to help in connecting with each other is also being done. You can click here to view the details
8How to become a member of the “UVCE Graduates Association”?
  • Fill the Application Form and furnish the documents like Degree Certificate or equivalent as proof
  • Provide 2 recent Passport size photographs.
  • Pay Registration fees of Rs. 500/- and an Admission fee of Rs.100/-.
9Where do I get the Application Form? Where to submit it?
We will be organizing "Membership Drives" every 15 days once or so. You can come down, interact with other alumni and collect/fill/submit the Application Form on the spot. Else you can also ,download the Applicaiton Form, print it, fill the details and send it to the Office Address after you make the payment with relevant details.
10What if I am staying out of Bangalore? What viable options are for me to become a member?
We are working on this. An update will be posted for online membership application shortly.

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