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Bringing together the UVCE alumin fraternity, UVCE Graaduates Association, is constantly trying to keep everyone involved in the UVCE related matters through various initiatves like the ones listed below.


The Beginnning

“A compelling adhoc committee with members representing all batches 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010 onwards was formed initially to help govern and organize the association’s initial activities”

Read about the beginning of UVCE Graduates association striving to provide a sustaining system that would disseminate transparency in all matters pertaining to finance, accounts and administration.

Sammilana-Engineers Day 2019

In association with “UVCE Graduates Association”, Team VisionUVCE organized “Sammilana” on September 15th - Engineers Day at Century Club. Around 70 alumni from various batches graced this occasion.

The event showcased the contribution of Engineers to the society, later in the event updates about Renovation of the college & UVCE Graduates Association were provided.

UVCEGA Meeting - Autonomous Status for UVCE

Extending the discussion after Engineers Day, many alumni suggested that the primary focus for UVCEGA should be to revive the glory of UVCE and to consider making UVCE autonomous.

To explore various factors associated, there was a meeting organized on Nov 30th with expert alumni on the matter. You can know more about the discussions happened during the meeting in this link:

UVCE Entrepreneurs and Innovators Group

Under the umbrella of UVCEGA, we have formed a small group of Entrepreneurs and Innovators of UVCE alumni. The intention is to build the network of startups and help each other.

A "Breakfast Meeting", couple of online webinars and an interactive session with ECell UVCE students have been organized so far. More details will be updated shortly here.

Sampada 10th Anniversary - with VisionUVCE

With VisionUVCE brought under UVCEGA and tasked to be the "Communication Wing" of UVCEGA, we worked in organizing "Sampada-10th Anniversary" event in the college.

Around 60+ alumni along with students, faculty participated in this event at the Quadrangle of UVCE campus. Special edition of Sampada no 120 was launched along with few other small programmes. You can read more here:

Giving Back to UVCE

We have faciliated for the furnishing of Computer Labs of Electrical Department from the funds saved during UVCE Payana. Around 2 Lakh worth of work was compelted - tables, chairs etc - for the labs.

We have also worked with different batch alumni who have taken the lead in the same direction. One example is 1995 EEE Batch, who have celebrated their 25th year of graduation by renovaitng the Power Electronics Lab of EEE Dept. More details here

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EEE & ECE Alumni Meet

We organized the Electrical and Eletronics Alumni interactive session with the HoDs of the respective Departments during February,2020.

Around 60+ alumni participated in the event and were provided information on the current status of the respective departments and also were requested for support. You can find more details here:

Communication with Autonomous Committee

We collated the information from various sources that were created in the past 10 years or so, to improve UVCE and shared it with the Committee for their consumption, which was appreciated by them.

When we were approached to communicate and gather few eminent nad expert alumni to discuss about the topic with the Committee, we facilitated that. Around 30-35 alumni took part in the discussion.

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Online Meetings with UVCE Graduates Association Members

In the last year, we had multiple meetings organized to keep everyone updated about the Association and also about UVCE.

During the Covid Situation, we have kept the members updated about the updates on UVCE as well as the plans of the Association via online meetings on a regular basis.

We have also sent Sampada editions, without a miss, during these tiring times along with creating an exclusive WhatsApp group about updates and news on UVCE.

Other Groups Initiatives

It will be wrong to just claim that everything is happening through only our Association. Through past years, various groups like UVCE Foundation, VisionUVCE etc have done commendable jobs laying the corner stone

You can read about events like MegaReunion(2011), Centenary Marathon (2017), Avalokana - Centenary Souvenir(2017), UVCE Payana (2018) and more here

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