Continued initiative from UVCEGA to support the students

For Students

Taking forward the Scholarships initiative from last year, this year we invite the students to apply for the scholarhsips, which will be awarded based on merit and need.

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For Donors

Inviting all the alumni to support the cause of providing financial assistance to the students in need. We will be glad to take the account of the donors criteria too along with specific details.

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  • This initiative is aimed at supporting the students in need and also to motivate them to reach higher and press themselves to achieve their dreams.
  • We hope that the scholarship awarded will help the student in boosting the confidence up and we expect that it is put to the best possible use.
  • We hope that the student performs well in his curricular and co-curricular activities and brings accolades to his alma mater and to his near and dear ones.
  • We will try and extend the required support within our limits to all the needy students.
  • We will be in touch with the awardees, talk to them, guide them and motivate them as needed.

2022-23 Scholarships Registrations

Taking a cue from our last year experience and inputs from VisionUVCE, we are adding few conditions for students to consider before applying. There are three tasks that will be expected from the students who will be awarded the Scholarships.

  • Send one mail every month updating what they did in the month
  • Complete one online course (of their choice) within a span of 6 months.And the proof to be submitted voluntarily.
  • When UVCEGA Team gives a simple assignment, you will need to evaluate the submissions of two of your peers.

We will be guiding and helping with completion of the tasks mentioned above. We are insisting to take the help of the alumni. More detailed explanation of each of the task will be provided after the final list of Scholarship Awardees is announced.

We will need you to also share your parent’s/guardian’s contact details who will need to vouch about you and confirm that they are aware about the scholarship received from your end. We also want to bring to your notice that you are agreeing to the conditions mentioned below once you apply for the scholarship

Please consider all the factors while filling Yearly Expenditure – College Fees, Books, Hostel Fees, Examination Fees, Travel Expenses, Misc. Expenses. It has to be a realistic number.

To Fill the Form, here are main things to consider:

  • The mandatory question of “What do you promise to do in return for the college as a student once you are given the scholarship?” needs a minimum of 250 words as answer. Anything lesser and we will not consider the application.
  • As mentioned, a selfie-video of 30-40 seconds (explaining the need for Scholarship) is mandatory. Along with it, please clearly explain the need in the final question in written format too. Only if you explain it properly, your application will be considered
  • The other Recommendation video(from your parents, siblings, teacher etc) is not mandatory, but will help your chances
  • We will be getting reviews of your previous year track-record from VisionUVCE and other people.

If you have any queries, you can write to

Last Date Over

Applications Closed

The Process:

  • The BoG chairperson, Director and Chairpersons of all the Departments are informed about the Scholarship initiative and requested to inform the students about the UVCEGA Scholarship via announcements. The details are shared with them
  • We invite the applications from students. The students will need to fill the Application Form every year (irrespective of if they have received Scholarships previous year). We try to identify the need and necessity for the students along with his/her background details (including academic, finance, interests, purpose, family details)
  • After the deadline, based on specific criteria set (like overall academic performance, extra curricular activities, stay and additional expenses, need, family background), we filter the candidates for interview on a particular date. There is no fixed number. We have varied the numbers year entirely based on the applications and deserving students.
  • During interview, alumni from various batches are asked to interact with the students on a general basis and evaluate the necessity. There is no restriction on the numbers from each panel. Since, there is no constraint to begin with, the alumni are able to judge without any pre-determined notions.
  • After the interviews are done, we all come together and each panel is given an opportunity to share their views and present the case of how many should be awarded scholarships from their panel and why they deserve it. On a case-by-case basis, other alumni can question the need or suggest alternatives. Finally, the list is decided based on everyone’s consensus. Based on the funds available and additional requirement, next action plan is prepared.
  • The Scholarships are awarded in the presence of Principal, Chairpersons of various Departments, Faculty and other senior alumni in a very simple and small event in the college premises.
  • The Scholarship awardees are also monitored from past 1 year about the performance in various aspects and informed to keep in touch if they need more guidance or support.

Donors for UVCEGA


About VU Scholarships


Decade of Giving Back


Calling Alumni Donors

Be it UVCEGA or VisionUVCE or any other Scholarships, it is always the support from the alumni donors which has made it suucessful. It is the mindset to “Give Back to UVCE” that we respect. Thanks to the generous contributions from individual and alumni groups, various groups have been able to sustain Scholarships initiative for years. We have multiple options and choices for people to select from for the scholarship funds donation

  • There is no minimum contribution amount. You can donate it as an individual or as a group.
  • You can participate in the process during interview process to get the actual feel of the initiative.
  • If you intend to create an endowment fund and create a Scholarship for a dedicated amount of time, we welcome it.
  • For alumni interested to create an endowment fund, you are welcome to specify your criteria too.

The Endowment Funds will not be for infinite duration,but will be dealt in case-by case manner. We will discuss in detail and provide the updated plan here.

We have had alumni interested to create a Scholarship in the name of their parents, batchmates etc. We encourage you to reach out to us and we will be glad to accomodate it. You can write to us at

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  • Bank: State Bank of India
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