UVCEGA 2nd Annual GeneralBody Meeting

We are glad to inform you that we are having the 2nd Annual General Body Meeting of UVCE Graduates Association and we are inviting all the members to join us for the AGM.
Date: July 10th, 2022, Sunday
Time: 10:30 AM Onwards
Venue: KEB Engineers Association, Anand Rao Circle | View Map
Please find the AGM Notice below | RSVP Link

The same will be sent over Email and WhatsApp messages shortly. We will also be publishing the details in the Newspapers as per the by-law. We will be making the Annual Report for the year 2021 available for your referral in couple of days. An RSVP link is shared at the end. We request you to fill it to help us in arranging the logistics.

You can view the AGM Report-2021-22 here & download it

Rules & Regulations for the Elections

  • Calendar of Events is formally announced by Returning Officer
  • Nomination Form to be filed within the said date and time. The forms to be sent to the Association Office Address –
    UVCE Graduates Association, 100/4, Bull Temple Road, Bangalore-19
  • Any applicant, who wishes to withdraw his/her election nomination, can do so by handing over the Withdrawal Form to the Returning Officer within the said date and time. It can be sent to the Association Office Address as mentioned above.
  • All members who have registered until the publication of final list of candidates can vote (both Provisional & Lifetime Members). The entire list will be published on the mentioned date for verification.
  • Any discrepancies in the Voter list to be bought to the notice of the Returning Officer, who has the power and authority to decide accordingly on the issue raised.
  • Members can collect their ID Cards after filling the form and submitting it even on the day of Elections and then vote accordingly.
  • To vote, the members will need to show their ID Cards

You can download the Nomination Form Format here For any queries, please write to us: info@uvcega.org

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